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Customs Support

The strength of the single-window concept has to be 1 desk for submitting documents and 1 point of communication for processing shipments that arrive in a seaport, for instance.

But also the option of being able to act fast when goods have to be unloaded at a customs warehouse. These are only two examples of questions you deal with if international trade is not a daily job for you as a customer.

Verhoex Customs Support can help you out with this. Our people know how to handle things in seaports and are able to act fast when goods have to be unloaded under customs inspection.

Our colleagues can also assist with customs inspection, checks that involve phytosanitary services or the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority and they can organise the degassing of containers. 
They can provide a full-service solution.

If you have any questions or if you want to find out more about the services of Verhoex Customs Support, please contact us.