Import documents

When do you need import documents? An import document is needed when you import goods from countries outside of the European Union (EU), like China. Besides that, you need to pay taxes and import duties in the country where you import the goods. In addition, the customs declaration also needs to be done in the country where the goods are imported. With the customs declaration some formalities are applicable. Think about providing certificates and invoices, keeping the goods available for customs control and checking if the goods meet the VGEM requirements. The height of the amount when importing goods depends on the type of goods, the country of origin and the value.

Are you working for a foreign company? Foreign companies you can make use of our VAT reversed-charge. For more information about this please visit the section fiscal representation.

The draw up of import documents requires customization, Verhoex can assist you this. We have the expertise to draw up and submit the import declaration on your behalf. Your advantages are:

  • A correct filling in of the import document;
  • A correct declaration when importing your goods.

Would you like to know more about import documents? Then please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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