Fiscal representation

What is fiscal representation? Fiscal representation is a service that we can offer to foreign companies when importing goods in the Netherlands. Verhoex Douane Service will then fiscally represent the foreign company and make use of the VAT reversed-charge. The VAT will be reversed-charged to the foreign company through the VAT return. This way the foreign company does not have to pay any VAT when importing goods in the Netherlands.

General fiscal representation
In case of general fiscal representation, Verhoex Douane Service will represent the foreign company with any consignment and service for which VAT has to be paid. The representative will then be accountable for tax payment and tax return.

Limited fiscal representation
Verhoex Douane Service can also represent you as limited fiscal representative. In contrast to general fiscal representation, Verhoex Douane Service will hereby only represent you with consignments or services which are imported from outside the European Union.

Verhoex Douane Service can become your general fiscal representative as well as your limited fiscal representative. Together we will go through a checklist to see which option is best suited for your current situation. After this we will then ask you to authorize us for fiscal representation and direct representation. You can do this at the section request customs authorization.

Your advantages are:

  • Liquidity and financing advantages;
  • After clearing you have the possibility to store or further distribute your goods within the European Union.

Would you like to have Verhoex Douane Service as your fiscal representative, or would you like to know more about fiscal representation? Then please contact us, our specialists will be happy to help you.

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