Export documents

When do you need export documents? You need an export document when you are exporting goods to countries outside of the European Union (EU), like: Canada, Switzerland, Norway, China or the USA. When you export goods you have to provide customs with an export document and possibly supplemented with certificates. With the correct documents your client does not have to pay unnecessary import duties. What the consequences can be with export, when the correct certificates cannot be provided, can be found under certificates and authentication.

We can provide you with the necessary export document and supplemented with the right certificates. At customs we will digitally request the export document for you. The export document will be sent digitally to the place where the cargo is located. Besides that we can provide you a Certificate of Origin (CvO) and even a Eur.1 certificate, and an ATR document with a customs stamp, which means that an extra stop is not necessary. When a customs stamp is desired we will send you the original export document by mail. To provide you with these certificates we need to be in possession of an authorization Direct Representation. The authorization can be requested at the section request customs authorization.

Your advantages are:

  • A short completion time.
  • Efficiency.
  • Saving on employee costs.
  • No extra stop in the Netherlands required.

Would you like to know more about export documents or would you like to know which export document you need? Then please contact us. Our specialists will be happy help you.

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