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The filling in of customs documents is for many companies not a daily task. Also it is not a particular easy task to do. It requires time, knowledge and the right digital applications. But when do you need customs documents exactly? You need customs documents when you are about to export, import or transit goods. Which customs documents you need depends on the type of consignment; import, export or transit. Are you going to import goods then you need an import document, are you about to transport goods through the European Union (EU) then you need NCTS Transit documents and are you going to export goods then you need an export document.

Are you in need of customs documents with the import or export of fruit and vegetables? Especially for these kind of goods Verhoex Douane Service Fresh Park can provide you with the correct customs documents. Our specialized department within Verhoex Douane Service for al your customs formalities in the field of fruit and vegetables.

As a reliable partner (AEO certified since 2010) with more than 50 years of experience we possess up-to-date knowledge, accuracy and modern communication. It does not matter if it is about export documents, import documents, transit documents, certificates or fiscal representation. We will show you the way in the maze of customs regulations and customs documents. In addition to that we work closely together with customs authorities and the chamber of commerce.

In the field of customs documents Verhoex Douane Service offers two possibilities:

  • Take complete care of customs formalities (including customs documents)
    We can take complete care of customs formalities. No expensive investments in IT-systems, no extra training of your employees, no internal replacements necessary but certainly maximum flexibility.
  • Creating and managing customs documents yourself with CustomsOnline
    Verhoex can also offer you the possibility to create and manage customs documents yourself trough CustomsOnline. Visit the section of CustomsOnline for more information.

Verhoex Douane Service can be of service to you with the following:

Do you want to know more about customs documents and the various possibilities? Or do you want to know more about the draw up of customs documents? Then please contact us, our specialists will be happy to help you.

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For advice, support or training you can visit the sections of Verhoex Douane Advice, Verhoex Douane Support or Verhoex Douane Training.