Customs Advice

During the past decades we have gained a lot of experience in our sector and the international trading industry. Customs is increasingly shifting its focus to the business community. In other words: you will be faced with a lot more and knowledge is getting sparser. That is why we offer our customers our expertise. Verhoex Customs Advice employs expert consultants who have many years of experience. Customs regulations, permit processes and AEO certification are just some examples of what we take care of. This enables you to focus on your core activities.

Consultancy / Notices of objection

Knowledge beforehand determines your success! Verhoex can guide you through this maze of regulations. If you want to import goods from third countries (non-EU countries) you need to be aware many elements which can influence your buying and selling price.




  • Are there any different conditions you have to comply with?
  • Is there a chance of a discount on import duties?
  • Do you disagree with a levy or fine imposed by the Tax and Customs Administration?
  • How to deal with export sanctions, import sanctions, rate contingencies, tariff preferences, refund, etc.?
  • What about the (preferential) origin regulations and which countries do they apply to?

Our consultants will be happy to advise you!

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