Verhoex & Sponsoring

Like so many companies, Verhoex has very strong roots in its own region. We contribute to social projects, education, sports and culture. We support:

  • Gwen van Rosmalen, passionate hand biker.
    She is a true die-hard and her positive attitude is an inspiration and example to many of how you can and should deal with setbacks. For more information, visit www.newlife-foundation.nl
  • Wielerclub Midden-Limburg
    an amateur cycle club with healthy ambitions and a strong focus on young biking talents. Many famous bikers, past and present laid the foundations of their success at this club. They include Frans Maasen, Bart Brentjens, Roy Curvers, Mitch Groot and Dick Janssen. For more information, visit www.wielerclubmiddenlimburg.nl
  • Stichting Sterrenfietsen
    The Foundation Sterrenfietsen raises money for charity through the participation in various cycling tours. The so-called Sterrenfietsteam exists of some famous people, like among others: Frits Barend, Nicolien Sauerbreij, Vera Koedooder, Bas Muijs, Bob de Jong, Erik Breukink, Theo de Rooij, Joep Sertons en John Rep. For more information, visit www.sterrenfietsen.nl